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EAHK Fellowship 2020
First EA Fellowship in Asia

Testimonials from Previous Fellows

"We come up with questions including how to distribute limited resources, what issues we should study, what causes we should put resources in and solve first.

-- Doris Wang, HKU Bachelor of Arts, 2020 Spring cohort

"The deeper I dive into this community, the more I am assured that there are people out there that share similar concerns and are trying to solve the problem by applying the principles discussed in the program and solve new, promising cause areas. There is lots of work to be done to make it a valid cause area, especially regarding evidence evaluation. Considering these guiding principles while deciding on a career path has allowed me to make decisions regarding how best utilize my comparative advantage and make the most impact."

-- Yvonne Jin, HKU Bachelor of Science, 2020 Spring cohort

“I enjoyed the learning and discussions thoroughly. Many concepts were surprising to me. Really glad that I made the choice to apply even though at first, I was unsure about it. I look forward to staying in this community and contributing to the next round of the program.

-- Winky Leong, HKU Bachelor of Arts and Science, 2020 Spring cohort

Graduation Blogs by Outstanding Fellows

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