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With limited resources, how can we do the most good?

Most of us want to improve the world. We see suffering, injustice and death, and are moved to do something about them. But working out what that "something" is, let alone actually doing it, can be a difficult and disheartening challenge.

Effective Altruism is a response to this challenge. 

What is Effective Altruism?

Effective altruism is a philosophical movement and community focused on maximising the good you can do over the course of your life with your limited time, money, and resources. The movement develops and shares practical tools and recommendations regarding how to prioritize social action, including in one’s career, projects, and donations. The community around this movement provides opportunities to assist each other in our efforts to improve the world.

Paths to making an impact

Effective Altruism Career


Our careers have a profound impact on our ability to make a positive difference in various aspects, including direct work, earning potential, academia, and governance.

Effective Giving


Carefully chosen donations can be one of the simplest ways to make an outsized impact. Effective Altruism reminds us that some donations can do much more than others.

Effective Altruism Research


Using evidence and a scientific mindset is at the heart of effective altruism. Effective research can be an especially useful way to help answer fundamental questions.

Effective Volunteering


With the right opportunity, one could do a lot of good through effective volunteering. Sign up to volunteer with us, or schedule a consultation below to discuss more options.

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