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Horizon Fellowship (瞻遠學者) 

Increase your impact and connect with like-minded people


Through this fellowship, you'll learn the key ideas of Effective Altruism with a small group of other people who care deeply about improving the lives of others in the most effective ways they can. Guided by a facilitator, you will learn new concepts, frameworks and counter intuitive ideas to help you have more impact in your career, donations and other projects.

The fellowship consists of two parts. Each part takes place over two weekends. Part 1 covers the fundamental concepts of Effective Altruism. All who complete Part 1 are automatically invited to join Part 2. Part 2 delves deeper into these ideas and explores practical applications for making a greater impact.

Dates for Horizon Fellowship Part 1

Group A: 13 & 20 Jan 2024 (Saturday)

Group B: 27 Jan & 3 Feb 2024 (Saturday)

Dates for Horizon Fellowship Part 2

Feb-Mar 2024 (Saturdays, dates to be confirmed)

Time: 10am to 3:pm (including 1 hour for lunch)

 Location: The HQ Cowork, Kennedy Town

Format: In-person

Cost: Free

With limited resources, how can we do the most good?

Doing good better is one of the defining challenges of our time. Given resource constraints, it is crucial that we make the most effective use of what we have in order to create the greatest positive impact possible. And this is essentially what the Horizon Fellowship is all about: The Horizon Fellowship helps you think about how to do good effectively and helps you to reflect on how to maximise your potential to make a difference.

In 2020, this was the first introductory EA fellowship in Asia. The Horizon Fellowship is a programme you can complete alongside your work/studies, bringing together core reading, interactive group discussions, 1:1 mentoring, and more. We explore topics including the effectiveness mindset, global health/poverty, animal welfare, artificial Intelligence, etc., and how to get involved in careers contributing to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Agenda and Objectives

Part 1

Day 1

Registration opens from 9:30am

Session 1: Introduction to Effective Altruism

Lunch hour

Session 2: Thinking Empathically

By the end of the day, you will:


  • Facts about how far humanity has come, and how much room for improvement there is

  • Some main EA cause areas

  • The definition of scope insensitivity


  • Four basic ideas they agree with that lead to the logical conclusion of EA

  • The fundamental principles of EA effectiveness mindset, including impartiality

  • Inspiration/Optimism about human trajectory and individual capacity to do good

  • The need to overcome scope insensitivity

  • The idea of an expanding moral circle

  • The possibility of an ongoing moral catastrophe

  • That non-human animals deserve moral patienthood

Day 2

Session 3: Thinking rationally

Lunch hour

Session 4: Thinking long-term

By the end of the day, you will:


  • The definition of the scout mindset

  • Differences in impact are huge

  • How to use the ITN framework


  • Our intuitions are often wrong

  • Our intuitions about global health are often wrong

  • The moral imperative toward cost-effectiveness in global health

  • The possibility of an ongoing moral catastrophe (2)

  • The highest far-future benefits that are attainable are many times greater than the highest attainable near-future benefits.

Part 2

Details to come, but it will include topics such as working on effective giving, climate change, biorisks and pandemic prevention, AI safety and governance, and more. 

The syllabus is currently under renovation, but to get an idea of the curated material you will learn about, you can check out the old handbook!

Our Alumni Say

" I have always longed for a place where I can engage in intellectual discussions with people who also want to do good to the world through their work. The Horizon Fellowship provided exactly such a venue and it was an exhilarating experience to talk to people with different backgrounds and opinions. I hope the pandemic restriction will soon pass so this cohort of fellows can meet face to face to further engage in intellectual discussion.  

Ronald Leung, Senior Associate at Moody's

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